Volume II, Issue 2 (2014) – Fuel Poverty

Queen’s Political Review 

Vol. 2, Issue 2 – October 2014.

Published by: Queen’s Political Review, Queen’s University Belfast.

Full version of volume II special edition is available here: QPR Vol.2 No.2 (2014)

This special fuel poverty edition of the Queen’s Political Review draws from a range of papers presented at the ‘Fuel Poverty Research Symposium’, held at Queen’s University Belfast on the 18th of July 2014. The symposium brought together postgraduates and early career researchers from across Europe to present and discuss fuel poverty research, with each presenter invited to submit a paper based on their presentations.


Foreword (p.5)

Ben Christman, Lead Editor.

1. Behind the Definition of Fuel Poverty; Understanding Differences between the Fuel Spend of Rural and Urban Homes (pp.7-24)

Ron Mould, Keith Baker and Rohinton Emmanuel

2. Analysing the Influence of the Energy Model on Fuel Poverty and the Role of Citizenship Mobilisation: A Case Study of the Platform for a New Energy Model in Spain (pp.25-45)

Pau Lillo and Victoria Pellicer

3. A Broader Conceptualisation of Fuel Poverty: Contributions from the Human Development Approach (pp.46-60)

Victoria Pellicer and Pau Lillo

4. The Lived Experience of Fuel Poverty: A Retrofit Case Study in East London (pp.61-73)

Felicity Davies

5. Energy Justice, a Whole Systems Approach (pp.74-87)

Kristen Jenkins, Darren McCauley, Raphael Heffron and Hannes Stephan.

6. Energy Poverty in Brussels: First Results of a Qualitative Survey (pp.88-99)

Anne Baudaux

7. Power to the People: The Role of Social Capital in Promoting Domestic Energy Efficiency (pp. 100-113)

Dean McBride