How to Submit

All submissions to the Queen’s Political Review (QPR) must satisfy our aim and scope. They also must adhere to the QPR’s own guidelines. Submissions to the QPR are not exclusive to the Queen’s University Belfast; submissions from other institutions are encouraged.

Before making a submission please ensure that:

  1. Articles are no more than 3,000 words (not including the abstract and bibliography).
  2. Articles adhere to the QPR Referencing Style – available here.
  3. Articles follow the QPR Format – available here.
  4. Articles do not contain biased, discriminatory or racist language.
  5. Articles are of an academic standard in written English.

We only accept submissions by email. To submit:

  1. Attach the article to the email as a Word Document (no PDFs please).
  2. Include in the email your name, current academic/professional status, and a 100 word summary/abstract of your article.
  3. Name the Section it is for in the subject line of the email. The four sections are: Political Theory; Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Ireland; Europe & International; and Social Issues.
  4. Send your article to

Submissions for Volume V (2017) are welcomed from December 9th 2016.