Editing Process

The Queen’s Political Review  operates a blind peer review process. On receipt all submissions will be anonymised by our Management Committee. The QPR endeavours to inform all applicants of its decision, including feedback, by end of May of the publishing year.

The QPR’s editing process timeline for 2015-2016:

Queen’s Political Review Editing Timeline
Please note this may be subject to change.

  1. 9 December 2015 – opening of submissions for Volume IV of QPR
  2. First Friday of February (5 February 2016) – official closing date for submissions
  3. Official closing date to last week of February 2016– selection process
  4. Last week of February to 4 March 2016 – successful authors notified and correction process between author and editors takes place
  5. Second Monday of March (7 March 2016) – deadline for authors to return corrected versions of articles; Secretary notifies rejected authors
  6. Third Friday of March (18 March 2016) – deadline for guest editor to return articles with corrections
  7. Last Friday of March (25 March 2016) – deadline for authors to make guest editors’ changes, return to section editors a. Section editors then forward to copy-editors
  8. First Friday of April (3 April 2016) – copy editor’s deadline
  9. April-beginning of May 2015 – final proof read, formatting and send to printers
  10. Monday 16 May – QPR Launch in the Senate Room, Lanyon Building, 15.00