Aim and Scope

The Queen’s Political Review (QPR) is explicitly pluralist in outlook and is keen to publish outstanding multidisciplinary papers. Thus, we welcome papers from all perspectives and institutions. Editorial policy favours variety in both subject matter and method, whereby preferably submitted articles have already been graded or peer reviewed and received excellent feedback.

The QPR welcomes articles on all topics related to Political Theory; Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Ireland; Europe & International; and Social Issues. Papers should be based on advanced theory formation and methodologies.

Our overarching goal is to provide an insight into the academic peer review process, promote debates across theoretical and disciplinary traditions and highlight the talent of respected and aspiring academics within the field. You do not have to be affiliated with Queen’s University Belfast to submit. Each volume will normally consist of 12 peer reviewed research articles, with three papers focusing on each of the four highlighted fields.

The QPR is critical and accessible. Hence, we want to emphasise that all papers have to be well written in a clear and understandable style. We want to avoid jargon and make the section comprehensible to all readers regardless of their knowledge and scientific background. Submitted papers have to live up to this standard.

 Further advice: