The Queen’s Political Review (QPR) is kindly supported by:


SCHOOL OF POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES AND PHILOSOPHY at Queen’s University Belfast has 36 full-time academics, making it by some distance the largest institutional centre for the study of these subjects in Ireland and one of the largest in the UK. It has a range of distinctive research strength: Philosophy; Political Theory; Contemporary Irish Political History; European Politics; International Politics, Comparative Ethnic Conflict. The School prides itself on its important and pioneering research and high quality of teaching.


THE QUEEN’S STUDENT UNION, established in 1966, is the official representative body for students at Queen’s University Belfast. Membership is automatic and in 2013/14 totalled 23,320, making it the largest single campus Union on the island of Ireland, and one of the largest in the United Kingdom.


THE POSTGRADUATE STUDENT CENTRE at Queen’s University Belfast offers a unique facility for postgraduate students, providing a range of facilities, training opportunities and support, as well as events and workshops to maximise the postgraduate experience and assist postgraduates to develop a range of transferable skills. As part of its Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme, it offers financial support to student-led initiatives. See more at Graduate school website

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