QPR Committee 2015-2016

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS12201022_1638110719788279_979624939_n

Ruairí Cullen (Editor-in-Chief)

Ruairí is in the third year of his Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) funded PhD in the School of History and Anthropology. His research examines Irish historiography in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Before coming to QUB, Ruairí studied at the University of York and University College London.

Carolyn Augspurger (Deputy Editor)

Carolyn is a third year PhD student in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast, where she studies Contemporary Irish Political History.  She has a BA degree in History from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, and an MA degree in Irish Politics from Queen’s University Belfast.  Her research addresses various aspects of Irish and British history and politics.

Allison Aylward (Secretary)

I am a second year PhD student in the School of Politics. My research focuses on the peace process in Colombia and examines it as a new way to approach peacebuilding and peace process design. My research interests include conflict transformation, peace building, and deeply divided societies. I’m originally from Maryland, in the US, and I enjoy travel, writing, and swimming.



Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Ireland

Pete Hodson

Pete is a PhD student in the School of History and Anthropology at Queen’s University Belfast and possesses a BA and MA History degree from the same institution. His research interests are British and Irish social history and oral history methodology. His current research is investigating the impact of deindustrialisation upon working-class communities.

Aylisha Hogan

I am in the final year of my Philosophy and Politics undergraduate degree at QUB and this is my first year as a section editor. I am interested in the politics of GB, the Republic of Ireland and the North of Ireland, in particular the place of women, both past and present, in each country respectively. In my spare time I enjoy watching football, in particular the team close to my heart, Liverpool FC.

Matthew G O’Neill

Matthew G O’Neill is a first year LINCS Ph.D. Student in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy. His Ph.D. research is focused on the technological development of cyberborders with the efforts of state governments to defend and penetrate them. His other areas of research include Media & Film, Conflict Transformation and Gender Studies.

Europe and International

Charlie Shimmins

Charlie is in his third year of a BA in International Politics and Conflict Studies at Queen’s. He has worked for the Isle of Man Government and was working for the Scottish Government during the independence referendum. At Queen’s, he is President of the Model UN Society, Course Rep for IPCS, and represented the University on BBC’s University Challenge.

Prayag Ray

Prayag completed a BA and an MA in English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He then completed an MPhil on postcolonial fantasy fiction at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, while working as an editor and research assistant. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the School of English, Queen’s University Belfast, looking at British and Irish orientalist scholarship in the eighteenth century, with a focus on conceptions of Hinduism.

Morris Brodie

Morris is a 2nd year PhD student in the school of History. He currently studies anarchism and the Spanish Civil War, but his research interests include general far-left revolutionary history. He is the Postgraduate Liaison Officer for the Queen’s Anthropology Society, and also enjoys cooking, birdwatching and classic cinema.

Social Issues

Erin Early

Erin graduated in Criminology and Sociology at Queen’s in 2015 and is currently a Masters student in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work. From this, she has developed an interest in current social issues, with her research interests lying within the Northern Ireland prison system and the differentiating effects of social policy on parenting.

Catherine Coffey

Catherine is a long-term member of the Queen’s Political Review team and is currently studying for a PhD. While studying as an undergraduate at Oxford, Catherine developed a keen interest in numerous local social projects, including community gardens, homeless shelters and TEFL. Since returning to Belfast she has endeavoured to become involved with similar projects in her home town.

Finn Stoneman

Finn is a final year student in the school of Social Anthropology. Born and raised in Galway, he moved to Belfast two years ago in order to pursue an interest in Anthropology (Queen’s, alongside Maynooth, are the only two universities that offers anthropology in Ireland). After spending six weeks in Galicia this summer conducting field research Finn is writing his dissertation on folk music and regional nationalism. Subsequently his current interests are around constructed nationalism, identity and contemporary social issues.

Political Theory

Ivanka Antova 

Ivanka Antova is a PhD candidate at the QUB School of law. She has a BSc in Politics & Global Governance (Canterbury Christ Church University, 2010) and a LLM in Human Rights Law (Queen’s University Belfast, 2011). Her PhD thesis is a Foucauldian analysis of the effect the welfare reform in the United Kingdom is having on the citizenship and socio-economic rights of disabled people. Ivanka’s work combines elements of critical legal theory, disability studies and human rights law. Ivanka has worked alongside Campaign For a Fair Society since 2012 and is a member of the Disability Research Network at QUB.

Thomas Loonam

Tom is a PhD Research student who has been at Queen’s University Belfast for ten years. During this time he has achieved a BA in Philosophy, a MA in Political Philosophy and he is currently working towards finishing a PhD. His research interests include the Metaphysics of Personal Identity, Theories of Justice, Bioethics and Human Rights.

Copy Editors

Lisa Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy is starting her PhD, which is comprised of a creative and critical component, in the School of English. Her research concerns the archetype of the witch in fairy tales and folklore, and how this has been represented by contemporary writers. She previously completed a BA in English With Creative Writing and an MA in Creative Writing (Prose) at Queen’s.

Shabnam Qurashi

Shabnam is an undergraduate studying English with Creative Writing at Queen’s University Belfast. Born in London, she has an interest in society and individualism, fuelled by her own diverse family background. She also founded her sixth-form’s first student-led newsletter, of which she was editor.

Aaron Smith

I recently graduated from Q.U.B with a PhD in 1930s English Poetry, having completed an MA in English and a BA in English and Political Philosophy. I am interested in the relationship between ethics, aesthetics and the polis, and am hoping to publish my thesis in the next few years. I currently work for PwC.



Conor Campbell 

Conor is in the second year of his AHRC (Northern Bridge) funded PhD in the School of History and Anthropology at QUB. He holds an MPhil in Modern Irish History from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in Journalism from the Dublin Institute of Technology. His BA in History is from the University of York. His specialist field is Irish twentieth-century media and state censorship.