QPR Committee 2013-2014


Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards

QPR Committee 2013-2014

QPR Committee 2013-2014

Beverley is a Professor at the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research focuses on Political Islam or the Politics of the Middle East. She has written widely on Islamist groups and Terrorism and Security, including Security Sector Reform comparative and regional. She is particularly interested in research related to democracy and its absence, authoritarianism, political-economy, Islamism, gender, and regional and international relations.


Alison Meagher (Editor-in-Chief)

Alison is a PhD research student in the School of Politics at Queen’s University Belfast. Her doctoral research provides an analysis of American Foreign Policy towards Northern Ireland from 1977 to 1985 and her more general research interests relate to the history and politics of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. She holds a degree in Irish Studies from Trinity College and was awarded a Universities Ireland Scholarship by the Centre for Cross Border Studies in 2012 in order to study an MA in Irish Studies at Queen’s.

Graeme Rice (Secretary)

Graeme has a special interest in Military Science and Security Studies and plans to become involved in post conflict development or government think tanks such as the IISS in London or IHS Janes. He intends to undertake a MA in Security, Violence and Terrorism once he completes his BA.

Barbara Mutamba (Finance Officer)

Barbra studied a BA International in Legal Science and Economics at the National University of Ireland in Galway and spent time at Uppsala universitet in Sweden where she was engaged with Utrikespolitiska föreningen i Uppsala, an international affairs association. She is now in the final year of her Masters in Legal Science at Queen’s University Belfast.



Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Ireland

Carolyn Augspurger

Carolyn is a PhD student in the School of Politics, International Studies, and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast.  She has a degree in History from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, and an MA in Irish Politics from Queen’s.  Her research centres on the causes of conflict in Northern Ireland, and she is also interested in conflict resolution, participating in the Clonard Reconciliation Mission in West Belfast.

Aoife O’Neill

Aoife is currently a PhD research student in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. She graduated from the Masters in Legal Science at Queen’s in 2009 and commenced her doctoral studies in 2010.  Her research focuses on how the different branches of the law intersect to protect privacy rights in the context of invasions by private actors.

Hannah Russell

Hannah is currently undertaking a PhD at the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast. She has a LLB from Trinity College Dublin and a LLM in Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice (Cross Border) from Queen’s University Belfast/NUI, Galway. Prior to starting her doctoral research, she worked as a legal researcher for human rights organisations based in Cambodia, Northern Ireland, the Occupied Syrian Golan and Palestine. She has also previously served on the Editorial Board of the Trinity College Law Review.

Europe & International

Rachael Dickson

Rachael is undertaking a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. She previously obtained a BA in International Studies and Modern History and an LLM in Criminal Justice and Human Rights. Her research explores the development of EU external governance and governmentality in the Mediterranean region since the Arab Spring.

Callum Galloway Green

A Politics student at Queen’s University Belast, Callum has experience hosting events related to his section, recently including a talk with the 2013 Iranian presidential candidate Dr Hooshang Amirahmadi and a panel discussion at Stormont. Research interests include Russian foreign policy, international relations, and the Middle East. In his free time, Callum curates a foreign policy analysis community with over 1,500 members and has his own spot in the library to read the latest journals.

Leonie Tanczer

Leonie is a PhD research student in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast. Her doctoral research provides an analysis of the emerging security governance in the cyber domain with a focus on the European Union. Her research interests include issues of cyberspace, Gender Studies and online collective action such as hacktivism. She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Vienna and a MSc (with Distinction) in Political Psychology from Queen’s University Belfast.

Political Theory

Oran Kennedy

Oran is a History and Politics undergraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast. He has a keen interest in American history and politics, and is currently writing his dissertation on Southern memory of the American Civil War. He has just returned from studying at the College of Wooster, Ohio, after participating on the Study USA program.

Thomas Loonam

Thomas is a PhD Research student who has been at Queen’s University Belfast for nine years. During this time he has achieved a BA in Philosophy, a MA in Political Philosophy and he is currently working towards finishing a PhD. His research interests include the Metaphysics of Personal Identity, Kantian Ethics, Theories of Justice, Bioethics and Cognitive disability.

Social Issues

Ben Christman

Ben is a PhD student in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. His research examines the concept of ‘climate justice’ in relation to fuel poverty in the UK. He has a law degree from the University of Aberdeen and a LLM in environmental law and policy from University College London.

Melanie Murchison

Melanie moved to Belfast from Canada in September 2012 to begin her PhD in law at Queen’s University Belfast. Her dissertation is an empirical analysis of Human Rights and Judicial Activism in the Canadian Supreme Court. Melanie holds a BA (Honours) in Criminal Justice and a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Winnipeg. She also holds a MA in Legal Studies from Carleton University where she wrote her dissertation “Law, Morality and Social Discourse: Jury Nullification in a Canadian Context on the interaction between Dworkn’s “Right Answer” thesis and Foucault’s theory of Governmentality.

Vincent Wooding

Vincent is a Politics and Philosophy student at Queen’s University Belfast, having come from Liverpool to study his undergraduate degree. When he is not focused on the nuisances of philosophy, Vincent spends his time with the successful Major Sixth vocal group, of which he is a founding member. With a particular distaste for ancient philosophy, Vincent’s research interests include jurisprudence, logic and metaphysics.

Copy Editors

Carolyn Augspurger  (see above)

Ben Christman (see above)

Rachel Killean

Rachel is currently a PhD student in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. She has an LLB in Scots Law from the University of Dundee, an LLM in Public International Law from the University of Leiden, and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Edinburgh.

Aoife O’Neill  (see above)

Hannah Russell  (see above)

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