QPR Committee 2012-2013


Professor Richard Wilford 

The founding members of the Review, along with the then-Minister of Education, Professor Rick Wilford, and Professor David Phinnemore (the head of PISP).

The founding members of the Queen’s Political Review, along with Stephen Farry MLA, Professor Rick Wilford and Professor David Phinnemore.

Richard is a Professor at the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast. His major current interest is in the outworking of the devolution project in the UK, more especially its fitful implementation in Northern Ireland. Since 1999, he has been the co-coordinator of the Northern Ireland devolution monitoring team, which between 1999 and 2005 produced quarterly reports on the devolution and peace processes in the region and since 2006 four-monthly reports on the same. The restoration of devolution in May 2007 has narrowed the focus of the reports onto the performance of the devolved institutions, and his particular interest lies in the performance of both the Assembly (including its committee system) and the Executive. He is especially interested in the evidence of both joined-up government within the Executive and of joined-up scrutiny within the Assembly. The research is co-funded by the ESRC and a number of Government departments (the 1999-2005 project was co-funded by the ESRC and the Leverhulme Foundation). In addition to the monitoring reports, the wider project has produced the annual State of the Nations series, each of which contains a chapter co-written with Robin Wilson, on Northern Ireland.


Emily Cunningham (Editor in Chief)

Emily is currently studying for an LLM Law and Governance within Queen’s University Belfast. She previously completed a BA History & Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin and spent time in France at the Institut d’Études Politiques, Strasbourg. She is also part of a research group in Trinity called ACLED, tracking African political violence, having worked for HealthyFutures.eu mapping climate change and disease risk in Africa.

Paulo Horta (Deputy Editor/Production Manager)

Currently studying Finance at Queen’s University Belfast and President of the Business Club, Paulo has previously received a Diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising with Honours from IPSCC Caterina Caniana in Bergamo, Italy.

Graeme Rice (Secretary)

Graeme is very interested in Military Science and Security Studies and plans to become involved in post conflict development or government think tanks such as the IISS in London or IHS Janes. He intends to undertake a MA in Security, Violence and Terrorism once he completes his BA.

Barbra Mutamba (Finance Officer)

Barbra studied a BA International in Legal Science and Economics at the National University of Ireland in Galway. She is now studying a Masters in Legal Science at Queen’s University Belfast. She has past experience in event planning and she has made radio shows for a foreign affairs student society while on Erasmus in Sweden.


Northern Ireland, UK and Ireland

Paul Dorman

Paul  is currently studying for a Masters in Legal Science at Queen’s University Belfast. He has a degree in History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in International Peace Studies also from Trinity College Dublin. With an interest in conflict resolution Paul has worked with the Healing Through Remembering group in Belfast.

Aoife O’Neill

Aoife is currently a PhD research student in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast.  She graduated from the Masters in Legal Science at QUB in 2009 and commenced her doctoral studies in 2010.  Her research focuses on how the different branches of the law intersect to protect privacy rights in the context of invasions by private actors.

Europe and International

Callum Green

Callum is a politics student with a longstanding interest in Russian politics, issues around the world, and an appetite for exploring views and perspectives that are not usually reflected in mainstream media.

Hilary Koss

After earning a BA in Politics and Theatre from Converse College and serving as the International Model NATO chair for the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the National Chair for the Model Arab League’s Palestinian Affairs Council, Hilary is currently a Masters student at Queen’s University Belfast. She is obtaining an MA in Comparative Ethnic Conflict with interests in genocide, conflict prevention, economics, and diplomacy.

Political Theory

Thomas Loonam

Thomas is a PhD Research student who has been at Queen’s University Belfast for eight years. During this time he has achieved a BA in Philosophy, a MA in Political Philosophy and he is currently working towards finishing a PhD. His research interests include the Metaphysics of Personal Identity, Kantian Ethics, Theories of Justice and Bioethics and Cognitive disability.

Alexandra Bowe

Alexandra is a Level Three undergraduate currently studying a Joint Honours degree in Politics and Philosophy.  Her primary interests relate to political theory and the way in which political ideologies and ideas are applied within our political system today, and the effect that they have on policy on local, national and international levels.  She is currently the secretary for the QUB Politics Society and last year received the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy’s Level Two prize for outstanding achievement in Philosophy.

Social Issues

Ben Christman

Ben is a PhD student in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. His research examines the concept of ‘climate justice’ in relation to fuel poverty in the UK. He has a Law degree from the University of Aberdeen and a LLM in Environmental Law and Policy from University College London.

Alison Meagher

Alison holds a degree in Irish Studies from Trinity College and was awarded a Universities Ireland Scholarship by the Centre for Cross Border Studies in 2012 in order to study an MA in Irish Studies at Queen’s University Belfast.

Copy Editors

Ben Christman (see above)

Aoife O’Neill (see above)